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Notes as we head off to the Peace Corps.

September 9, 2008

Hello everyone. Thanks for your interest in our journey into the next phase of our lives. This is a work in progress and as we are quite busy with packing up, clearing out and giving stuff away, we don’t have time to blog just now. We expect to find time as we move into the process of volunteering first at an EcoVilliage in Peru for 5 or 6 months (info at and then a month or so with Global Volunteer Network in Ecuador. Of course our big adventure is the 27 months in the Peace Corps which is slated to begin in April ’09 in Africa (we don’t know the country yet as we are still awaiting clearance).

So, stay in touch! We’ll add some photos soon and let you know how our adventure unfolds.

Stay well, Juan Esteban (aka Steve) and Jordan

Here are a few videos from earlier travels:

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